This site is dedicated to the many Australians who hope that America's next President will be Donald Trump.

Mark Latham, Rowan Dean and Ross Cameron invite you to register and join us for a moment in history:

Donal Trump defended by Ross Cameron

"...what we are getting is a tsunami of sanctimony from the greatest bunch of hypocrites who ever walked or breathed..."

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Wednesday, 9 November 2016 - Make America Great Again
8am - till death or glory
The Rugby Club, 31 Pitt St, Sydney
$10 - Good coffee, good company, Bud, buffalow wings and live cable news feed 

Lateline USA Votes- ‘Trump’s Aussie Mates’ - 09 Nov 2016

Sure, I’ve seen what’s been going on in the news, but really what is there for me to say other than that he respected me during that time in my life and I have a lot of respect for him because of that ... that’s really all I have to say about it,” 

Jennifer Hawkins - Australia's favourite super model

Donald Trump - Australia responds - Can he win the Presidency?

"He's one of the dolls you can't knock down, every time you knock him down he comes back again - people are sick of political correctness".  Rowan Dean

Ross Cameron Message to American Voters re Donald Trump

"Whether or not you like Trump, he's powerfully 
in the interests of the American people." @RossCameron4

Mark Latham Defends Donald Trump

"The Trump campaign is interesting because it’s @realDonaldTrump against the political class…an amazing instance of the ultimate outsider battling to get a foothold in 
the highest office in the land..."  Mark Latham

Donald Trump - Mark Latham , Richo, Jones and Ross Cameron

"Clinton had to do certain things as well because 
nobody really has a sense of why is she running..."

Tony Abbott on Donald Trump

"What I want to say is the vast majority of Trump 
supporters are not "deplorables", they're decent people 
who want to see change inside their country."
Why Trump could really win this
by Charles Firth,
AS AMERICANS go to the polls in hours, one of the most respected pollsters in the United States, Nate Silver, is giving Donald Trump a 34.6% chance of being 
elected.That’s about the same chance of tossing a coin three times and getting heads twice. 

It’s close. Read more

Clinton doesn’t deserve to win
by Miranda Devine, The Daily Telegraph
HILLARY Clinton’s last desperate stand is reminiscent of Julia Gillard’s phony feminist protection racket. Just when the FBI is finally catching up with her dodgy dealings, the Clinton machine has launched its final misogyny blitzkrieg. Read more

by Ross Cameron, Trump's Aussie Mates
Ross Cameron
One of my three brothers recently told me he couldn't take Donald Trump seriously because of his “crazy” policies, citing first, Trump’s plan to “build a wall that Mexico will fund”.  So I figured, might as well go straight to the guts of the matter, and tell you why Trump is right to build a wall to secure America's southern border. Read more

I don’t know what’s going on
by Mark Latham
Among America’s political commentators, the most common observation during this year’s presidential primary season has been, “I don’t know what’s going on”.
Read more

He's just the beginning

by Mark Latham
One of the funniest things about the American presidential election is the reaction of the media elites to Donald Trump. Read more


Ross Cameron chats to @2GB Alan Jones Breakfast Show 
(Full show here, Trump interview from 1:16:16)

Never-Trump zealots are kamikaze conservatives if they think Hillary is the answer

by Miranda Devine, The Daily Telegraph 

NOW that Donald Trump looks set to take the Republican presidential nomination, a hardcore group of angry conservatives have decided they’d rather blow up the party and vote for Hillary Clinton ... 
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